Rivers Carbon

Rivers Carbon are renowned specialist Carbon Fiber manufacturers, designing and making composite products for companies and individuals around the world. Since 2003, Rivers Carbon has designed and built innovative Carbon Fiber products for many industries including mining, automotive, marine, aerospace and even medical equipment.

Carbon Fiber and other composite materials have many advantages which include the weight saving potential that it offers over more traditional materials such as aluminium and steel.

With the manufacturing techniques and design experience accumulated with years of experience, Rivers Carbon is able to engineer optimal solutions to cater to the most demanding of problems.

By applying the experience learned from the marine and automotive sectors, Rivers Carbon has been exploiting the huge potential of Carbon Fiber to revolutionise sectors such as mining and tunnelling.


Ventilation tubes used by some of the largest mining companies in AU. Read More

Helicopter Parts

Carbon fiber sheets for Carbon Fiber plane and helicopter parts. Read More

Yacht Parts

Carbon fiber yacht parts - high strength to weight ratio.
Read More
Rivers Carbon has a 1,000 m2 facility located on Auckland’s North Shore. We have two computer controlled autoclaves, a clean room, material storage freezers and other equipment to aid in the production of high performance composite parts. For more information about the facilities see Rivers Carbon Facilities.

Rivers Carbon Technologies have assembled a diverse and talented team, led by Graeme Rivers, the original founder of Carbon Fiber Technologies. With an accumulated experience of over 50 years in the composite industry and other sectors, Rivers Carbon is well positioned to meet the demands of industries looking to innovate.

Carbon Fiber - Mining

We produce carbon fiber products used by mining and tunnelling companies including Carbon Fiber Ventilation Tubes also known as Carbon Fiber Ventilation Pipes and Composite Carbon Fiber Service Tubes. See our Lightweight Carbon Fiber Monorail Beams and Carbon Fiber Relay Bar Extensions for longwall mining and more.

We offer an engineering service to cater to all commercial inquiries. For more details see Carbon Fiber for Mining.

Racing Cars

At Rivers Carbon we have designed and built Carbon Fiber components for race cars. We have worked on a wide variety of projects including modifying a carbon fibre monocoque into a two seat chassis, wings for track, rally and drag cars and much more. For carbon fiber performance parts see Carbon Fiber Race Cars.

Special Projects

We have developed customised solutions to complex engineering problems for other high technology companies.

See our work with Rex Bionics.