Carbon Fiber Helicopter Parts

Rivers Carbon have made a range of carbon fiber helicopter parts.

Some of the carbon fiber helicopter componants they constructed were the floor of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter. This floor is made of one big panel of carbon fibre cured in the Rivers Carbon Autoclave. This indredibly strong floor in this case was made of carbon fiber largely because of it's light weight. The entire floor of this helicopter weighs only 9kg.

Rivers Carbon have also manufactured both Helicopter spray systems, and Helicopter Firefighting systems using carbon fiber. Weight is a very important consideration with Helicopters, and carbon fiber comes into its own with its high strength to weight ratio.

Aeronautical Applications

When it comes to building planes and helicopters, there is generally one rule - make the vehicle as light as possible, yet still strong enough that it wont come apart under stress.

Carbon fiber is perfect for aeronautical applications because of it's incredibly high strength to weight ratio. This floor, despite being a large panel of carbon fiber, only weighs 9kg.

Carbon fiber can be used for everything from a plane fuselage, plating for wings, to high stress supports.