Carbon Fiber Hoods/Bonnets

Carbon fiber car bonnets or carbon fiber car hoods are best made using pre-preg carbon fiber. Autoclaved pre-preg produces the lightest, highest quality parts. That’s why Formula 1 and Indy car teams use this system and that is why we use it.

Our carbon fiber bonnets or carbon fiber hoods are comfortably lighter and stiffer than automotive panels made in any other way. One reason will be our use of aerospace honey comb. It is difficult to use this material if the parts are made by hand laminating and almost impossible to infusion.

On a rally car we worked on, the trunk or boot weight was 1.5kgs (just over 3 lb) the carbon fiber hood or bonnet for an Evo is 2.5 kgs (5.5lb). The factory part is 20kgs and hand laminated parts are approximately 5kg (11 lb).

The front of a Honda civic was made with carbon uni, Nomex honey comb core and surface film. This part takes the place of 2 front guards, the hood and front panel and weighs just 5kgs(11 lb).