Carbon Fiber Racing Car Parts

More and more car enthusiasts for all areas of vehicle performance are purchasing carbon fiber parts for their cars. As a result we have had many projects involving designing and building a full range of parts. Are you looking for carbon fiber race car parts or a manufacturer of carbon fiber race car chassis. Are you looking for carbon fiber drag car parts, carbon fiber dragster car parts or carbon fiber drag racing parts. We can make carbon fiber wings and spoilers and many more custom carbon fiber parts.

We will be happy to look at any project where every percentage of performance is important.

Carbon Fiber Inlet Manifolds

A large Japanese car builder requested a design be made for a carbon fiber inlet manifold for their racing series.

Rivers carbon developed a process using lost wax to make a manifold with very accurate internal dimensions and surface finish.

By using 3d software an extremely fare surface can be generated between a throttle body and a corresponding cylinder inlet port. The engine tuner is free to make the manifold any shape or length and to accurately fair the runner between the 2 different shapes

The picture below shows a fabricated manifold with clumsy square to round transitions, weld seams and wrinkles in the tube bends.
The model features an accurate trumpet to bend to oval inlet cylinder port.

By making top quality wax tooling, inlet runners can be made in carbon fiber and assembled to make an inlet manifold with excellent internal accuracy. This will give the engine tuner unlimited options in designing an inlet manifold.