Carbon Fiber Racing Car Wings

We have made carbon fiber drag car wings, carbon fiber circuit car wings, carbon fiber dragster wings and carbon fiber rally car wings. The carbon fiber wings are made in a 2 piece female mould and are co-cured. This is important as both the leading and trailing edges are fare. The laminate is designed to suit the attachment method and load the wing will see on the car.

Carbon Fiber Rally Car Wings

This carbon fiber rally car wing was cured by Rivers Carbon. The wool tell tails are used for a quick setup guide. Note this carbon fiber rally car wing has a shallow angle of attack of the main element when compared to the horizontal. This is because the angle of the air flow down the back window of this Evo gives the wing a much greater angle of attack than it would first appear. The second element is to generate additional down force for this rally car because it has sufficient horse power and will need to negotiate a lot of corners on the Pikes Peak Course.

Carbon Fiber Drag Car Wings

In clean air this carbon fiber drag car wing will produce 400kgs of down force at 300kmph. The carbon fiber drag car wing helps settle down this 2000hp drag car.

Both these carbon fiber wings are mounted on their end plates. The method of construction is slightly different from the next two carbon fiber racing car wing examples.

Carbon Fiber Race Car Wings

The picture shows the Auckland University 06 car. Rivers Carbon cured all the pre-preg components on the car. The wing package produces over 100kgs of down force at 100kmph. The rear wing assembly weighs only 5kgs.

The main element in the rear carbon fiber race car wing supports the end plates and the secondary element. It is mounted to the car with a frame. At the frame attachment point it requires hard points in the wing so fasteners can be drilled and tapped into it.

Rivers Carbon built the carbon fiber wing with side plates for this TVR. The car lapped Pukekohe in 59.1 - a new fastest lap for the car by over a second. Because of the high top speed of this car a much stiffer wing was made compared to the Auckland University SAE car.

Formula 1 Racing Car Wings

The trend in Formula one is to produce a wing that is stiff enough to produce down force at the speed for the corners on a particular circuit. As the speed increases on the straights the wing deforms, unloading itself and reducing the amount of drag. This enables higher top speeds but still enables the wing to give the car grip when cornering at lower speeds. To rule out this feature the rules makers have added a static load requirement for the wing. The designers of the Formula 1 carbon fiber wings are now getting more ingenious. Their goal is pass the increasing demanding static load tests of the rule makers but still have a wing that unloads at higher speeds.

Please contact us about your wing requirements. We will be happy to go through some options with you.