Racing Cars

Carbon Fiber has huge potential in the automotive industry, especially for Carbon Fiber racing cars and Carbon Fiber race car parts. Already the bodies of high end luxury cars are being made of Carbon Fiber.

Clunky, heavy alloy panels make cars heavy, which makes them inefficient, and harder to stop. The advantage of having carbon fiber parts is that the cars overall weight is lower the carbon fiber parts and stiffer. This makes cars easier to stop, and more efficient.

The problem other suppliers of carbon fiber parts will have, is access to an autoclave. Rivers Carbon has one of the largest autoclaves in New Zealand. Using an Autoclave to cure the part forces out every pin hole to give a perfect finish. Drag racers enjoy our light weight carbon fiber parts to help their performance.

Naturally this has attracted the attention of many performance car and race car owners/designers. The below picture is the University of Auckland SAE car that Rivers Carbon has contributed to the design of the chassis and wing elements.

Minister of Tourism Hon Mark Burton going for a spin in the two seater Toyota Race series car that Rivers Carbon built, chassis and under tray for.