Carbon Fiber Yacht Parts

Our staff at Rivers Carbon have designed and built custom carbon fiber yacht parts, and carbon fiber super yacht parts for over ten years. From carbon fiber yacht steps, to carbon fiber yacht winches and even carbon fiber yacht booms, we can do it all.

Carbon Fiber Captive Winch

Rivers Carbon was approached by Rod Taylor from On Board systems to build components for a captive winch in carbon fiber for a super yacht. Rod has been building captive winches for some time in Aluminium and had seen some of the other components Rivers Carbon had made in carbon fiber.

A lot of work went into looking at stress and load cases. We then made a prototype car that we extensively tested. The captive winch pictured has a working load of 7 ton and is fitted to an 80’ sailing yacht.

The real advantage of On Boards systems design is the weight saving and compactness of the new carbon fibre captive winch. Captive winches over 10T will be between 30% and 50% lighter than other winches on the market. On a large project using say 10 captive winches this will represent a weight saving of approximately 2.5ton. This is weight positioned high up in the hull which has the most impact on performance.

The winches are custom made to suit sheet load, sheet diameter, direction of pull, required holding load, boat system pressure and sheet length. Please contact us to arrange a quote.

Carbon Fiber Yacht Wheels

Here is a picture of some of the carbon fiber yacht wheels we have cured for performance composites. These wheels are light weight and incredibly strong.

Carbon Fiber Yacht Rudder Stocks

This is one of the carbon fiber rudder stocks cured by us at Rivers Carbon for TP52's. This rudder stock is incredibly strong, and incredibly light. This is a very suitable application of carbon fibers huge strength to weight ratio. We have also cured rudder stocks for Volvo 70 projects

Why we know
about yachts

Rivers Carbon have done a large amount of work creating carbon fiber conponents for superyachts.

Prior to founding Rivers Carbon, the owner Graeme Rivers was a senior design engineer for a world leading carbon fiber super yacht rig builder and had been for 10 years. During his time there, he had the oppertunity of working on some of the largest carbon fiber projects in the super yacht industry.