Rivers Carbon have a 1,000m2 facility located on Auckland’s North Shore that has been equipped to provide outstanding large scale manufacturing capabilities.


The facility houses two computer controlled carbon fiber autoclaves. Custom cook cycles can be specified in order to achieve the best mechanical properties possible from the pre-preg carbon fibre used in manufacturing our products. Both temperature and pressure are controlled and logged for both autoclaves

Our large diameter autoclave measures Ø3m x 4m and has maximum operating temperature of 135°C and pressure of 5bar. Originally acquired in 2003, this autoclave continues to be one of the largest in Australasia and can be used for a wide array of oversized products.

Our second autoclave measures Ø1.5m x 13m and has the same operating parameters as the large diameter autoclave. Acquired in 2012, this autoclave makes use of the latest in control systems to ensure the best possible cure for the materials requirements and is suitable for over length products.

Clean Room

At Rivers Carbon we use pre-preg composite materials to ensure the best quality and consistency possible. In keeping with this philosophy, a clean room which is temperature and humidity controlled is used when making our products. The clean room ensures that minimal contamination from moisture and dust occurs during the lay-up process prior to the curing of the products. This is in line with best practice for aerospace and marine applications and distinguishes Rivers Carbon from its competitors.

Finishing Equipment

An environmentally controlled area is used in the finishing of Rivers Carbon products. Custom designed and manufactured finishing equipment is used to ensure all of our products are finished to the highest standards.