Helicopter Spray Systems

Rivers Carbon was asked to develop a duel purpose helicopter spraying tank and helicopter fire fighting tank. We make carbon fiber helicopter spraying system tanks, helicopter fire fighting tanks and helicopter belly tanks.

Operators told us that they wanted a light weight tank that was easy to fit but the tank had to stand up to hard work and knocks. Any operational savings from a lighter tank could be swallowed up by down time due to tank repairs if the tank was made too light.

We decided to make the tank using pre-preg carbon fiber and curing in the autoclave. If there was an unlimited budget for materials and construction techniques there would be no changes.

The tank is now dramatically lighter and stiffer than the original prototype that had been hand laminated. Staff walked across the tank to load it with lead for the structural tests with no damage to the tank.

In the helicopter fire fighting role the tank can drop 1100 liters in 7 seconds. The helicopter spray tank can be fitted and removed by one person in a few minutes. The helicopter fire fighting tank can be fitted with booms and become the helicopter spray tank in only a few more minutes.

The helicopter spray tank booms have been moved forward to improve the spray pattern quality. They are made from a tapered carbon fiber tube that weighs only 2.5kg (5.5lb) yet they are un-stayed. By eliminating the flange joint between the top and bottom of the tank, carry over has been dramatically reduced.

The system can be fitted with a port side on/off function. This lets the pilot watch the active spray nozzles for working in tight spots.

The tank is also available as a dedicated carbon fiber helicopter fire fighting tank.

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Spray Away

Our lightweight spraying/firefighting system can be bolted on to the helicopter in a matter of minutes by only one person. It comes off just as easily as it's lightweight carbon fiber design makes it incredibly light, but hugely strong.