Carbon Fiber for Mining

Mining is a very labour intensive industry, despite the machinery available. There are many times where brute strength is needed rather than machinery to put in place components into confined mine shafts.

The weight and strength advantage of carbon fiber for mining rather than steel or fiber glass means that carbon fiber is being used more within the mining industry.

Rivers Carbon has teamed up with several Australian mining operations and has added award winning innovation into mining operations.

Using our 618mm Carbon Fiber ventilation tubes weighing 9kg rather than 30kg has improved productivity and reduced injury. Weight reduction, safety, strength, damage tolerance, repairable, productivity gains possible...

The Carbon Fiber monorails have had a similar effect on productivity with their lightness and ease of installation.

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“There were no injuries sustained in the first six months of use of the carbon fiber ventilation tubes whereas fibreglass tubes resulted in an average of five injuries per year”
Central Queensland Mine

“It’s easy to handle carbon fiber tubes on your own when previously it would take 2 of us…. It’s also easy to carry the tubes down a roadway where before we would have to move them on a vehicle…. To me it is the biggest advance in coal mining in the last 20 years.”
Miner Queensland

“Carbon Fiber tubes can sustain impact and remain in operation to be replaced when convenient. This saves at least one hour of production each time it happens, because a fibreglass tube would collapse and need to be replaced immediately, which would require stopping production.”
Central Queensland Mine