Silicone Composite Ventilation Ducting Seals

Ventilation tubes need joining and so Rivers Carbon developed a Silicone Composite Ventilation Ducting Seal as an alternative to the existing rubber seals. Find out more about our Ventilation Pipe Seals.

Certification to AS 2660-1991

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- Mine Safety Technology Centre Report 30 April 2012

Why Change?

Currently underground ventilation ducts are sealed using rubber seals. Undesirable features with rubber are the low electrical conductivity which could compromise the anti-static properties of the ventilation system; and the poor pliancy of existing rubber seals. In response to these short-comings Rivers Carbon Technologies Ltd have developed a new Silicone Composite Ventilation Ducting Seal.

Silicone Composites

We have examined many different material properties and have found Silicone Composite to make ideal vent seals as it has the following features:

  • Electrical Conductivity
  • Flexibility
  • High Strength to Weight Ratio
  • Malleability
  • Tear Resistance


The seals have been tested by Mines Safe NSW1 and show average electrical resistance well within the upper limit of the standard of 300M ohms. The tests found a mean upper surface resistance of 0.47M Ohm, and lower surface resistance of 0.49 M Ohms. Therefore products made from our Silicone Composite have excellent static electricity discharge properties, unlike rubber. Uncontrolled discharge of static electricity can be a leading cause of fires in mines.

See the Mine Safe Australia Report 30 April 2012.

Fire retardant tests show our Silicone Composite to be self extinguishing and have a burn time within the 30 second upper limit.


The greater strength to weight and elasticity of Silicone Composite, compared to rubber gives our Vent Seals superior sealing properties.

This arises from a malleable material that is pliant and moulds itself around an Air vent tube, creating a near air-tight seal.


Rivers Carbon Technologies Ltd have over a decade of experience in providing innovative solutions to industry using advanced composite materials.

Rivers Carbon have introduced award winning ventilation tubes to the underground mining industry in 2011